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KronoTech concentrates on training programmers to master PLC ladder logic programming and human machine interfaces. Our training covers concepts, definitions, structure, and very intensive real life problems and their solutions. We have very extensive experience in Automation and Control using many different brands of PLC's as well as many brands of Human Machine Interfaces.

We have worked and mastered most of today's used platforms, as well as compilers.

Our Application development team has developed many applications to serve our client in the field of Accounting, Report Generation, Automatic Code generation and optimizing solutions.

Our Automation and Control Team has achieved a very high standard by implementing most of the international standards for documentation and programming standards in Ladder Logic and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) or Grafcet. Our Startup Team has lots of knowledge in many different types of emerging networks that allows the communication between PC / PLC / HMI.

PLC Code

We surely can improve your PLC code. This is what we do. We write our code and we test it and re-test it until it is safe, efficient and bullet proof. Our extensive exposure to many different style of PLC coding has helped us find the best ways to write codes.

Automatic Code Generation

  • No more typing errors
  • No more typing in Input/ outputs in your PLC.
  • Consistent Description
  • Enforce your standard
  • Remove all manual programming
  • Generate Automatic Equipement list
  • Validate Input/Output list
  • Check for duplicate Input / Output
  • Consistent Symbol Naming
  • Generate Input / Output list for Human Machine Interface Data Base.

We have developed many standards that can really help you reduce your time of development. We have also developed softwares that can that generates automatic Ladder Logic Codee. This is only a list of the many that could be automaticaly generated in just few seconds.:

  • Non reversible Motors
  • Reversible Motors
  • Valves
  • Manual mode control (Push buttons, Selectors, Jog , etc ....)
  • EStop circuit logic
  • Photocell debouncing
  • Limit Switch (alarms and interlock)

This will cover almost 80 % of your work. Your developpers do not need to program any of the manual stuff. What would be left to program is the Automatic mode. Ask as for more information.


We think Grafcet (Sequential Function Chart) is one of the best ways to start writing a process sequence. Every sequential program we write starts with Grafcet. We even simulate it by software to give us a sense of what the outcome would be. One of the best things about Grafcet is its ability to present a sequence in chart that is easy to follow and to understand.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

They say a control system without a Human Machine Interface is a blind control. KronoTech has developed many HMI 's that allows the operators to see what they are controlling in real time. It also gives the ability to managers to see what is happening in the plant.

Monitoring what is happening in the plant is a very good start of problem prevention. HMI has the ability to monitor many values and even have many trends, real time or historical.

Alarm system to inform the operator of what is going wrong and to take action as fast as possible to avoid any delays in production.

How can we help

Let's know what is it that you need. If it is controlled then we can help. We won't even charge you for the estimation. We will be more than happy to have a look at your needs and we will propose to you many solution.

KronoTech can improve and make your PLC code more efficient. By following our standards that we use in all our projects we can improve and reduce your development time and more importantly make your code solid and more efficient.

Let's us have a look at your PLC code we can help you improve and trouble shoot it.

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